The Pirates of the Caribbean Drinking Game

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During the movie, drink when:

  • Jack says "savvy"
  • Jack gets slapped
  • Jack gets knocked unconscious
  • Will gets knocked unconscious
  • someone sings "Yo Ho, Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)"
  • Gibbs complains that having a woman on board is bad luck
  • Barbossa obsesses over apples
  • Bootstrap's medallion changes hands. (Drink twice if the hands are the monkey's.)
  • someone goes "HARR!"
  • someone crossdresses
  • the moon comes out from behind a cloud
  • Will does something stupid despite being expressly told not to
  • Ragetti loses his eye
  • Jack considers using that one bullet on someone other than Barbossa
  • Jack obsesses over rum
  • someone almost drowns
  • Jack frets over the location of his hat or other affects
  • Jack corrects someone who didn't call him "Captain"
  • someone says "poppet."
  • Jack is either the best or the worst pirate someone has ever seen
  • someone is handcuffed, bound or gagged
  • Elizabeth complains about her corset (Drink twice if she faints because of it)
  • Norrington looks nauseated by Jack's presence
  • a ship changes hands--er, I mean, is commandeered (a nautical term) ;)
  • anyone acquires, or wishes for, or promises to give someone else, a really big hat
  • Governor Swann does nothing but look confused when mass chaos and danger are erupting around him
  • Elizabeth's maid is annoying
  • a cursed pirate is shot or skewered (but, of course, not really injured)
  • Barbossa falls for one of Jack's stories
  • someone discusses "leverage"
  • Jack steals anything (hearts don't count!) ;)

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